The Gold Mine

The path to a Goal is not level but on an

incline and you are expected to climb.

Never let there be any doubt

on commencing your journey

that you won’t have to sweat it out.

It will be taxing on you body and

equally challenging to your mind.

Each step will bring you closer with time,

but how many steps you need to climb,

is impossible for you to determine.

You are blindfolded by expectations

and your conjecture may not always be right.

Every step is a successive endeavour

and not a failure as it may appear.

Your perseverance is the only

inspiration you can find.

Either you reach your Goal

to tell others how high you climbed

or quit and wonder how near you were

to the gold mine.

My Pleasure


With my wishes incomplete

and many desires to live,

It seems I have plenty

to experience and yet achieve.

The more I become aware

the more it seems,

I have missed my share.

Envious of the happiness

of those whom I see,

I covet for all that

they flaunt with flair.

What is it that catches my eye

Is it Pleasure that I easily identify.

Pleasure is indeed what we seek

and chase all through our lives.

Yet it is never enough to satisfy.

We keep craving for more

and this urge, we can never pacify.

However what we seek as pleasure

will surely describe us without a lie.

Black and White

She changed into a jazzy dress

that covered her a little less.

Painted her lips in scarlet red

and styled her sensuous hair.

Added mascara and rouge

to appear as gorgeous and fair.

She loved to dress up and prepare.

It upped her self esteem

and gave her the courage to dare

as she stepped out in fading light

to pursue a profession of the night.

After all she had two kids to care.

A single mother trapped in a snare,

by Machiavellian ways of her paramour.

Her need now mated with other’s greed.

Fake love and feigned attention

was all she received.

Lust fed her with a decent diet

and gave her wings for an independent flight.

Her way was it just and fair,

can be debated all right

but can every eye

see in between black and white.


The signature of misfortune,

you wish you had never seen.

A vestige of Destiny’s apathy.

added as a feature permanently.

Redolent of an ordeal

that you endured physically.

It scourges your confidence

and plummets your self esteem.

However this is not

the case with everybody.

Some carry their scars boldly

letting it’s ugliness

become their appeal.

Drawing inspiration from it’s presence

to challenge every adversity.

It instills in them assurance

about their own powers to heal.

A scar becomes your weakness

or your strength as you let it be.

What others see

is not your scar

but your zeal surely.

A Fishy Decision

Two men went fishing by the bay

and let their fishing rods

adjacent lay.

Even after waiting all day

no catch came as prey.

Then One decided to change his way.

He switched over to the other side,

hoping this risk would pay.

The first continued to stay

while the other kept changing his play.

O’ wise one, Who this reads,

Tell me whose deeds

will lead him earlier to his goal.

Does patience help one score

or is it eagerness that

helps you achieve more.

In situations like this

would you hold on

or be spurred to move on.

Here your disposition does have a say

and for the benevolence of Destiny,

You can only pray.

Whatever be your discretion

it remains always a fishy decision.

The Lodestar

O’ Star shinning bright,

as I look at you every night

you seem to wink at me slight.

What is that you wish to convey

by your occulting light display.

You are situated within a cluster

just as I am inside a crowd.

Though encircled by many

you are still away from the rest.

I too am surrounded by plenty

yet am alone and all by myself.

Darkness engulfs you with its might

just as negativity incarcerates me tight.

Yet you shine with resplendence,

setting an example with your own light.

Your brightness may not dispel the darkness

but it certainly lets your presence be felt.

You seem to tell,

I may not compare with the Sun

but my talent allows me to shine well.

Though less prominent than the Sun,

my individuality does allow me to live with elan.

The Untold Story

From head to toe

every feature of ours tells a story.

While our face shouts our pedigree,

our nature whispers another story.

Our character is the product

of our upbringing merely.

The result of what we had

and what we missed out sadly.

Our longing for love surely

turns us into attention seekers

while it’s scarcity makes us

suspicious and jealous of others.

Love is known to impart security

and keep us content in all matters.

Kindness towards us brings us stability

and also gifts us the virtue of empathy.

Inspiration manifest as ambition

but hate shows up as cruelty.

Encouragement builds up our confidence

but abuse appears as nervousness.

Deceit and lies becomes the language

of those who were uncared when weak.

Whereas truthfulness and honesty are merits

found in those who were cared for dearly.

Our nature is really a narrative

of our untold story.

The Grip

Easily flustered and agitated.

Middle age had gifted him,

with these traits unwanted.

He resolved to unwind with time,

through hobbies of his choice.

Badminton had been his first love,

all through his years of growing up.

He seeked out his former partner

and set out with renewed vigour.

A veteran coach watched him play

during his stint on his first day.

He summoned him, amused at his way.

“My son, your grip is too tight.

It restricts your ability to adapt

to situations in quick sight”

He went home, mulling over these words.

He had indeed become, over the years,

intransigent and rigid in his approach.

The pressure to achieve his goals had

made him grip tightly onto his views.

He needed to relax and be loose

to go with the flow and adopt perspectives new.

Unsaid Words

Though words give voice

to all our thoughts that arise,

at times they fail to express

what we feel deep inside.

Their use may not always be wise.

Their sound is loud yet hollow,

allowing misunderstandings to follow.

But when eyes engage

they speak in a language

where conversation happens

without uttering a word.

There isn’t a whisper or a sign

yet feelings are conveyed

and emotions understood fine.

A glance is worth a million words !

How is this possible

and from where does one learn.

This is the language of Trust,

that is spoken and heard

with unsaid words.

Invisible Smiles

A few places, I reckon,

beckon me to visit them again.

Their familiarity sends a call

which to ignore, isn’t easy at all.

These places are redolent

of happy moments of my past life.

Where vignettes flash easily

in front of my reminiscing eyes.

Here memories create apparitions

that appear to come alive.

Where the passage of time seems to  disappear

just for a while.

It’s the urge to relive those moments

now buried in time,

that brings me back and look around

for a few invisible smiles.

The Sky

O’ boundless Sky,

You are a vast umbrage, so high

displaying colours varied, Why?

When calm and true

I see you as pristine blue.

Sparkling like new

with the Sun glaring thru.

Malice but taints you slight

causing streaks of greyish hue.

Greed darkens you further

when you gather more than you can carry.

Passion brings an orange tinge

making even the Sun cringe

and hide somewhere in the fringe.

Anger makes you bleed red

and causes the day to quickly end.

When seen in darkness

you seem shrouded in mystery.

I then wonder if I know you really.

But when I see you shelter stars tiny,

it spurs me to ogle you silly.

The different colours you display

are like the various moods of mine.

While every shade shows a little of you,

every mood reveals a little character of mine.

Evening Breeze

A soft and gentle caress

that teases you with dare.

A sudden jab of coolness

that comes from nowhere

and catches you unaware.

It plays with your hair

like your cupid pair.

It whispers in your ears

and calms you with flair.

It’s presence as enchanting

as the sight of a playful hare.

A whiff of freshness

that is revivifying and rare.

It blows away the entire day’s exhaustion

and relaxes you like a lullaby,

leading you onto an inescapable snare

of ephemeral slumber,

experienced as on the soothing lap of a paramour.


A Doubt

Before you close your eyes, O’ friend,

letting your innings come to an end

An answer your mind shall have to fend

to a question that your heart will lend.

Will not be about what was done

but what you left undone ?

It will torment you, I bet

by turning into a regret.

What dissuaded you from achieving

or prevented you from pursuing.

What stood between you and your desire

obstructing you from fulfilling your wish.

What made you surrender

even without a battle.

What discouraged you

even without a struggle.

Doubt is that culprit

which kills many a dreams.

Do not wait, till it is too late

and let a Doubt… decide your fate.

The Rose Garden

At the end of a deserted path

stood a Mansion so large.

Dilapidated and forgotten

albeit for it’s frontal garden.

While the heritage was wretched,

the roses in it’s lovely garden

were well attended and unmatched.

I looked around for the reason

and spotted an old person.

He was tending to the plants

as if they were his own children.

He lived there all alone

without a family and a home,

labouring endlessly on his own.

‘Who pays you’, I asked curiously.

He replied, ‘No one, this house is empty.

All have left except for me.’

I quipped, ‘What ties you here,

don’t you also want to leave ?’

His reply stunned me,

‘The fragrance of these roses binds me.

They stand upright when I am around

and shrivel when they don’t see me.

They wait on me unlike my close ones,

who now don’t need me.

They are the only ones dependent on me

and are also the reason

for life yet inside me.’

The Noble Path

Two paths beckoned me upfront.

One crowded another deserted a lot.

Travel on one seemed easy and fast.

On the other appeared a daunting task.

The righteous one was a lonely path.

The other was cluttered with selfish ones.

My conscience nudged me on the condoned path to prove my heart.

My strides were proud and purposeful at the start

but I soon stumbled to a halt.

The route had begun to demand a lot.

Truthfulness and selflessness

It would require, I knew,

But it demanded renunciation and even sacrifices few.

Each step tried my patience and tested my skill.

Every moment checked my resolve and challenged my will.

With tribulations abound and rewards nil,

The noble path is indeed not for everyone.

Those who yet continue to tread on

are no doubt an angel or a saint born.

A Mind Game


I looked outside my window

and saw grass growing below.

Beyond it stood a house

much more grand than mine.

I thought to myself, the grass surely

must be greener on that side.

Was it true or just a fantasy fine.

Though partly correct, I was very wrong.

The house was no doubt grand

but all else was an assumption of mine.

My mind was clearly seeing more

than what my eyes had shown.

What our senses don’t reveal,

our mind will imagine the feel.

This imagination of our mind

invites either happiness or grief.

Not what surrounds us

but what our mind interprets it as

decides whether we shall be

happy or sad.

Those who play this mind game well

create happiness truly for themselves.


O’ Ego,

Where do you come from

As with you, none is born.

Yet you appear in all

either large or in some form.

You are the perception one has

of one’s own importance.

The feeling of superiority

that one develops about one’s self.

But what brings you to life in each of us.

It is the Praise and Admiration that we receive from others

that gives you birth.

Adulation alone nourishes your growth

and our mind then makes you strong.

However we should not forget that plaudits

are only because of the presence of others.

It is their Love and Affection

that makes us feel important so.

If there was no one to appreciate us,

where would we have importance or any Ego.

My Chauffeur

I knew my destination

and it incited me to drive.

I took upon myself

to steer onto the route,

on which my life would thrive.

I began dodging obstacles confidently

to move ahead in a hurry.

The path turned rough and craggy

and driving on it soon became tough.

It narrowed without a warning

eventually leading to a cul de sac.

My patience fell prey to the delay

and my confidence started to wane away.

I began to frustrate and tire,

on seeing my plans go haywire.

Worrying over the future,

I accumulated only stress and fear.

I prayed to the Almighty

and then moved to the rear.

I let Him become my chauffeur

and pull me out of this mire.

I have since entrusted Him,

to lead me onto my destination

by whichever way, He desires.

I now sit and enjoy the ride,

as a back seat passenger.

The Vagabond

With groggy eyes

I glanced outside my window.

It was early morning

and the street was deserted below.

Sleep had somehow evaded me

the night before.

The desire to mould my future

forces my mind to work overtime.

I have forgotten how to relax

and switch off at night.

Unknown fears drown my mind

all the time.

Below, I saw a vagabond,

unaware of where he was lying.

He slept more peacefully than me.

His needs were probably less than mine.

He was like a rolling stone

who gathered no stress.

Whereas my expectations offered resistance.

Preventing me from going with the flow, in acceptance.

Though our needs are few,

our expectations can become too many.

As I looked away, I wondered whether

I should pity him or me.

A Commitment

A promise,

an assurance,

or a resolution

though words few,

stand the test of Time

and stay true all through.

What Time can not corrode

and situations can not expunge

is simply known as a commitment.

What makes it so strong

that it doesn’t fail or go wrong.

What helps it withstand every adversity

be it an enticement or a difficulty.

It is the fabric of our personality

that actually holds it steady.

The presence of virtues in us like

loyalty, simplicity and honesty

will insure our behaviour stability.

When these are imbibed in us sufficiently

they impart to our mind the solidarity

needed to honour our commitments,

as they should be.