O’ Time, you are like sand

that slips out of every hand.

You move forward stealthily,

eluding our attention completely.

Though the clock records every moment of

yours unfailingly

and the Sun follows you daily

yet you seem to elapse unknowingly.

The seasons change their pattern regularly,

signalling that you have moved forward


even then we remain unmindful of you

very conveniently.

But you have but a unique way of drawing

our attention towards you forcibly,

You change every face remarkably.

You will alter the essence of a baby face

from innocence into youthful exuberance

and also scribble wrinkles on a beautiful

face with ruthless prominence.

We then acknowledge your cadence truly

when we compare these faces from our

memory with those in reality

and see the difference for ourselves clearly.


Tell me what you feel having read this...