The Lost Child

Lugging his Father from one side
and his Mother from the other 
he arrived at the carnival
impatient to barge inside.
In front of him had descended a heaven that beckoned him with funky music,
flashing lights and it’s endless alluring sights.
He could ask for just one wish that eve
that no one should ask him to leave.
Hopping, jumping and even triping he
fervently explored every stall unfailingly.
His parents now tiring, succumbed to exhaustion and let go off him eventually.
He rushed ahead engrossed in his exploits unmindful of where was he.
On turning behind, only to raise a demand
he found no one to hear his plea.
All of a sudden the paradise around
seemed to freeze and stand still.
The music went silent and the glittering lights seemed to blink with worry.
He made a wish to God immediately,
“O’ God, Take away this heaven
but bring back my parents quickly. ”
Without them the carnival world
now suddenly seemed very gloomy.

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