The Mansion

Sprawling over acres of land.
Nestled amongst a verdant span
stood a Mansion with regal elan.
In it’s front lay shining golden sand
washed ashore by the flirtatious sea that made the Mansion look even more grand.
In sparkling white, it appeared as a bride fabulously dressed for the wedding rite.
“Who lives here ” I asked inquisitively,
“No one, whoever buys it, will call it home” quipped the guard near the entry dome.
How can there be a dearth of those
who believe this is not heaven on earth ?
Pondering over it, I returned home ,
to be greeted by the smiling faces of my loved ones waiting for me to come home.
When I looked into their eyes I realised at once that my heaven was here with them and not in the Mansion that stood alone.

Tell me what you feel having read this...