The Sour Grapes

Walking along merrily,

I saw a bunch of ripe grapes

hanging very temptingly.

The grapes were very fresh and juicy.

They beckoned me teasingly

but hung over a tall wall precariously.

I tried hard but I couldn’t pluck them

and each time I tried, I failed miserably.

Dejected, I consoled myself but rather unconvincingly

by belying to my mind that they were sour possibly. 

I walked away but the grapes stayed in my memory.

Unknowingly, I had left my happiness behind

with those grapes instead of taking it along with me.

Alas!, Greed makes me so forgetful

that I misplace my happiness in whatever I see.

I then wonder, where have I lost it

when I don’t find it any longer with me.

Tell me what you feel having read this...