The Pub

It was a Saturday night.

The occultating lights of the Pub winked me an invite

and it’s reverberating music tempted me to step inside.

The place was a den for the youth

where nimble legs crowded on the dance floor.

A tsunami of music was unleashed inside

pounding everyone with waves of melody.

The boys seemed to groove as if to shed all traces of worry

and the girls danced like birds fluttering their wings 

when freed from a cage of captivity.

The lights flickered in tandem with the resonating beats,

creating an ambience that encouraged a carefree indulgence.

The infectious exuberance floating in the air

compelled me to drop my inhibitions and join in the mayhem.

The atmosphere of the Pub helped me truely unwind

and forget the drudgery of the outside world.

Tell me what you feel having read this...