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Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog RhymingArt.

This blog is dedicated to Poetry written by me which I wish to share with you.

Poetry is like meditation to me. It lets me search my inner self and describe what I experience.

I try to express it creatively using rhyming words.

The  despair and grief accumulated within,

I moulded into words that rhymed.

Craving to be heard and understood

while being silent and unseen.

Poetry became my catharsis

freeing me from an overwhelming gloom,

letting me float in ataraxy

away from an awaiting doom.

If reading my poetry brings you joy it is my good fortune and I would be lucky if you let your happiness rebound back to me by replying with your comments.

Also I would love to stay connected with you hence please subscribe using your email so that I can notify you whenever I post something new.


Sunny Gulati