The Sky

O’ boundless Sky,

You are a vast umbrage, so high

displaying colours varied, Why?

When calm and true

I see you as pristine blue.

Sparkling like new

with the Sun glaring thru.

Malice but taints you slight

causing streaks of greyish hue.

Greed darkens you further

when you gather more than you can carry.

Passion brings an orange tinge

making even the Sun cringe

and hide somewhere in the fringe.

Anger makes you bleed red

and causes the day to quickly end.

When seen in darkness

you seem shrouded in mystery.

I then wonder if I know you really.

But when I see you shelter stars tiny,

it spurs me to ogle you silly.

The different colours you display

are like the various moods of mine.

While every shade shows a little of you,

every mood reveals a little character of mine.